Installer Plugin

Installer is being replaced with a built-in automatic update mechanism in all OnTheGoSystems products. If you are using WPML, you no longer need to use this Installer plugin. It is still in use for Toolset plugins, but will be replaced in the coming weeks.

WPML installation process with built-in Installer »

Installer will help you easily install and update commercial themes and plugins.

What’s Installer?

  • Install commercial themes and plugins easily from within the WordPress admin
  • Get theme and plugin upgrades automatically
  • Check the compatibility of new themes and plugins with those you’re currently running

In a nutshell, Installer allows WordPress to download plugins from commercial sources. This means that themes and plugins that you purchase from companies that use Installer, will appear in your WordPress admin. You can install and upgrade quickly and easily, without wasting time uploading files manually.

Find and Install Themes and Plugins

Find and install themes and plugins

Using Installer, you have access to various other alternative repositories in order to install and update, themes and plugins. On top of that you have access to premium type extensions which you can purchase with one click and install on your WordPress Setup.

Themes admin with Installer

Installer takes care of everything, including the purchase process, the installation and  the necessary updates.

List of repositories

List of repositories

You can add Repositories from the Repositories Admin Page, or alternatively you can rely on the default repositories list which are updated periodically.  Each repository can be enabled or disabled to fit your particular needs.

See What’s Compatible With Installed Theme and Plugins

Installer can provide information about the compatibility of plugins and themes with other plugins and themes using information from our Compatibility Server. You will see a link under each extension which opens a window with information about the compatibility status of specific extension to all others already installed on your system.

Display compatibility status

Display compatibility status

Installer is a project by OnTheGoSystems. You’re welcome to contact us.

For connection information to various software sources, please ask for support in the plugin / theme vendors sites.